Surfboard Grooming Kit

Surfboard Grooming Kit


A collaboration between Make co. and Archive with special help from Studio Point for the branding and packaging. 
The most sophisticated maintenance kit for your surfboard on the market.
This kit includes a Bronze and Brazilian Lapacho waxcomb, a black cotton cloth, a bar of wax and a small bottle of methyl hydrate to clean off any residue left by the wax.
The waxcomb features your standard comb grooves, a scraper and a bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold brew after you have laboured and loved your board.
It also comes with a leather lanyard so you can attach it to your jeans or keys and carry it with you anywhere.
This packaging is a limited edition of 25 and was the brainchild of our good friends at 

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The kits are currently sold out but shoot us an email if interested, we are planning another production run and will be taking pre-orders soon!

For international orders (Europe, Asia), please provide your phone number in the special notes section.